Monday, December 28, 2009

Failed to find directory “\\ExchangeServerName\c$\Perflogs’ on the server


Running META ( exchange troubleshooting Assistance on Cluster servers) producing error

“Failed to find directory “\\ExchangeServerName\c$\Perflogs’ on the server”



  • Click on Hide advance data collections options
  • Go to Data Directory on the server

in here place the IP address of the CMS server as shown below




Node 1 ( Physical)


Node  2 ( Physical)

The problem is if you do , on one of the nodes if you click on run and do double back slash

\\CMSName\e$\Perflogs    ( in this example per flogs folders in being created on E drive) you get errors as shown below


If you do same with IP address instead of name , you will see the directory is accessible.


This is why the META isn't working , you will need to make sure the IP is there as shown below


To be honest I was not able to determine the root cause, the DNS and WINS appears to be working correctly in this situation.

Anyways the goal is to make META happy (-: and move on  this will be one way of doing it

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Oz Casey Dedeal said...

updates for this issue. I finally figured out fallowing. Open Fail over cluster management and go to Disk Drives. The CMS name is going to see each disk listed there, hence if you create shared folder on any of these disks and point to ExTRA to that folder it will work so in my case M: drive was clustered shared disk I created PerfLog folder in this drive. To test is out you can do easy test

\\CMSservername ( if you see OAB folder) this is the disk known by cluster and will give you hint.Any drive above UNC will not see ExTRA will not be happy


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