Thursday, April 16, 2009

OWA Exchange 2010 and new futures quick look.

If you have not seen the new OWA in Exchange 2010 you are missing the beauty, the new OWA interface at first look seems to be very clear and easy to navigate. The navigating right Pane looks incredible useful  and user friendly beside its neat look. There are may improvements in the options. One of the most coolest one being able to see what happened the email by using “Delivery Reports” The idea behind this is to give users some sort of tool so that they can understand what happened to their mails. The report will show Message sent and transferred time.


I remember talking about this future with the Exchange team. Yes the future is real nice and hoping will reduce the help desk calls or least give sender some information what happened to their email. I would love to see message headers in this report maybe another click so users wont get confused Sad

The idea is to give support person full message header in a nice format so the support person can say, here is the SMTP hand shake the IP address we hand this over to destination e-mail server at this time and here is the response showing destination server has accepted the mail.


I think it would be great to see this on the first service pack for Exchange 2010 and nail all the administrators heart one and all (-:

Also I really like the section account information , those of you will remember GAL mode ( yes I am real old) OWA look real nice and giving users to modify their own contact information and the layout is pretty slick


I have not tested the mobile futures but you can sent text messaging to cell phone right from OWAsmile_secret

Also being able to create groups and add people is really cool , you can also request to join to a group. The futures here are very smart and enhance the user interaction and lessen the helpdesk work for sure. The exchange team seems to have done “INCREDABLE” work , thanks guys for providing the ***BEST*** version of exchange for most every aspect


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Anonymous said...

Looks like Hotmail! yuck!! /me throws up...

Oz Casey Dedeal said...

ha, ha (-:

I futures and usage will make you change your mind (-:
Product is very strong, the best version of Exchange


Hammami said...

really with his new interface OWA 2010 seem to be the best one also with his new features...., but we have no chance the change the read panne ):

Oz Casey Dedeal said...

I think the real value is cost for business

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