Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exchange 2010 Improvements good by Storage Groups (-:, we wont miss you at all !!!!

well I am not sure how may posts I will need to do to talk about exchange 2010 and changes in regards (-:, it is so exciting to see the best version of exchange **Ever** in my opinion

  • Storage groups have been removed in exchange 2010
  • Mailbox databases no longer connected to the server object they become *Peers*
  • Database management has also been moved form Server configuration node in exchange console EMC
  • Storage groups functionality has been moved to the database, meaning database will have the logs
  • You can smell where this is going (-:, first time every if you install two exchange 2010 server you are 50 percent redundant, yes finally (-:
  • ESE has several improvements for HA ( high availability) performance and database mobility
  • No more RAID 0 + 1 or RAID 5
  • Exchange 2010 does not require expensive SAN to be redundant smile_regular, finally this version is getting exchange **OFF** the SAN JBOD ( Just bunch of disks). This is one of the most significant improvement in my opinion, just imagine how much you will save by running the fastest, fully redundant version of exchange without needing SAN


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