Thursday, April 16, 2009

!!! Exchange 2010 is the Best version of ALL !!!!

I start blogging a lot about 2010 so much to talkclip_image001, all in once the best version of exchange in many aspects in my eyes. I am truly loving Exchange 2010 and can write one or more article per day , no jokeclip_image001, because Exchange 2010 has so much to talk about.

The changes in database tables, the new structure or DB, makes it more efficient ***Faster*** and goodbye SIS (- : ,goodbye SG (storage groups), another 70 percent reduction introduced in Exchange 2010,( maybe even more) on top of improvement have been introduced in exchange 2007, JBOD.


Finally off load the exchange off the SAN (huge savings to everyoneclip_image002) and first time in history fully redundant messaging experience with no third party or SAN solution right out the product itself.

The new power of Exchange start shining with DAG (data availability Group) will make your messaging environment fully redundant with two server, and fail over is handled by natively with the application. The user experience is blip most of the time.

Not to mention more is given with exchange, your compliant regulatory requirements, email archiving solution is also comes with the product. This is incredible value, better faster, and the most comprehensive version of messaging application with ***less*** complexity.

Well as I said so much to talk about 2010, I truly believe not upgrading to exchange 2010 will cause lost in revenue to the business and that is why exchange 2010 will be the best version and most powerful version ever in the MS messaging history.

I recommend download the public version and see the power with your own eyes, you will be amazed with all new futures and the power.

Download 2010 here


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