Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How to enable anti-spam functions on Exchange 2007

You have only one server, and you are missing IMF, below what you need to do to get the IMF turned on Exchange 2007 .Drill down to script directory; in my case I have installed Exchange on E drive so my drive path is as below, Are you not a fast typer, probably your name is not James (-:. Don't worry mine is not either so let's use my way to get there

  • Open Exchange Power shell

  • Here What I get when I opened it

[PS] C:\Documents and Settings\administrator.SMTP25\Desktop>

  • Now you need to go to Script folder where ever you have installed exchange, in my case this is going to be E drive, and since I am last to type. Below is my short cut

cd e:/pro*/exc*/sc*

[PS] E:\Program Files\Exchange Server\Scripts> from here type the below command

[PS] E:\Program Files\Exchange Server\Scripts>.\install-AntispamAgents.ps1

  • Now stop the service from power shell no need to use GUI anymore, we are Power Shell administrators,

  • I love it no more GUI days, or we have the GUI, as well as Power Shell.

  • Below two commands stop the Exchange Transport service

Restart-Service MSExchangeTransport

  • Or use the command Below

[PS] E:\Program Files\Exchange Server\Scripts>net stop MSExchangeTransport

The Microsoft Exchange Transport service is stopping.

The Microsoft Exchange Transport service was stopped successfully.

Below command START the Exchange Transport service

[PS] E:\Program Files\Exchange Server\Scripts>net start MSExchangeTransport

The Microsoft Exchange Transport service is starting.

The Microsoft Exchange Transport service was started successfully.

[PS] E:\Program Files\Exchange Server\Scripts>

Now go back ESM, Anti-spam tab enabled in the Exchange server.

Managing Anti-Spam and Antivirus Features

Configuring Content Filtering

Oz Ozugurlu

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