Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cannot Send Mails on BlackBerry

RedX appears next to user BlackBerry; user is able to reply the messages but cannot send a new message.

When User mailbox is moved within the same Exchange server, Black Berry is looking up user information by looking at CN of the Exchange server, and this causes Black Berry is not able to remap the user mailbox. Therefore worker treats are getting hung, and they are not able to remap the new mailbox for the same user.

On enterprise activation, following message appears "Error has accord, Contact your administrator"

Note: BES account used to install BES needs to have following rights

The following permissions can be assigned for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server administration account

  • Local Administrator rights on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • Local Security Policy permissions for the administration account.
  • Microsoft Exchange permissions at the Administrative Group level.
  • Microsoft Exchange permissions at the Exchange Server level.
  • Send As permission at the Domain level.

Microsoft Exchange Server permissions at the Exchange Server level

  • Administer Information Store
  • Send As
  • Receive As

Research Motion

Full Mailbox Access permission for the following two reasons:

KB: 912918

  • To deter e-mail spoofing.
  • To make sure that e-mail messages that are sent by a delegate can always be clearly distinguished from e-mail messages that are sent by the actual mailbox owner.

All new versions of the Exchange Information Store will now explicitly require the Send As permission in order to send e-mail messages as the mailbox owner. However, the following lists the three exceptions to this requirement:

The mailbox owner account does not require explicit Send As permission for its own mailbox.

The Associated External Account for a mailbox does not require explicit Send As permission.

A delegate account that also has the Full Mailbox Access permission does not require explicit Send As permission

In the Send As permission, the permission applies only to the database object itself. It does not to the mailboxes in the database. In the Receive As permission, the permission is apparently inherited by all mailboxes that are in the database.

The Send As permission, applies to the identity of an Active Directory user object, not to mailbox contents stored in a database. When e-mail messages are sent, they are not sent from a particular mailbox or database, but from a user. The user may be the mailbox owner or any other account that has the Send As permission

The adminSDHolder object is a template for accounts that have broad Active Directory administrative rights. To prevent unintended elevation of privilege, any account that is protected by the adminSDHolder object must have access rights that match those that are listed on the adminSDHolder object itself.

If you change the rights or the permissions on the adminSDHolder object for a protected account, a background task will undo the change within several minutes. For example, if you grant the Send As permission on a domain administrator object for an application service account, the background task will automatically revoke the permission


Restart the Black Berry Services in this order below

Blackberry Router

Service establishes connections, Manages the connection to the wireless network for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Also routes data to handhelds that are connected through the BlackBerry Handheld Manager.

BlackBerry Dispatcher

Establish connection to Exchange, Performs data encryption and compression services for all data that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends or receives.


Controls all other services, Monitors key BlackBerry Enterprise Server components and restarts them if they stop responding.


Other services can be started in any order,

BlackBerry Alert

When configured, sends alerts when events at the specified level occur on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

BlackBerry attachment

Converts attachments into a format that can be viewed on the handheld.

BlackBerry Database Consistency Service

Synchronizes data between the BlackBerry Manager database and user mailboxes.

Blackberry Mobil data service

Provides secure access to online content and applications on the corporate intranet or Internet through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

BlackBerry Policy service

Supports wireless IT Policy, service books, and third-party application delivery for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Blackberry Router

Manages the connection to the wireless network for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Also routes data to handhelds that are connected through the BlackBerry Handheld Manager.

BlackBerry Synchronization service

Synchronizes PIM application data wirelessly between the handheld and the mail server.


After this add the user back to BES server and have user perform Enterprise activation. If it fails on the stage where it says Activating, problem related to getting to user Exchange mailbox for the user. IF it is fails on the stage, Verify Encryption , than perform the wipe for handheld. Wipe option is the security, under general, wipe hand

Last thing to do, use DBCLEAN.EXE, this utility will clean up possible corruption and remove all hidden folders from user profile. Normally this folder is hidden, you can see this folder if you use MFCmapi (The Messaging API (MAPI) Editor provides access to the contents of MAPI stores through a graphical user interface.)


Oz Ozugurlu


Oz Ozugurlu said...

Provisioned might not be done by service carries for the Black Berry Device, call BB support and give the PIN number of device to make sure this is done. Provisioning will make the device to be on the BB network.
The PIN number is normally in two places, behind the battery (take out the batter), or go to options take a look at status. Give PIN number to BB support and ask them to verify device is on the BB network

Oz Ozugurlu said...

Recreated service book desktop CMIME and the restarted bes services.

1. From the Home screen on the handheld, choose Options > Service Book.
2. Highlight the Desktop [CMIME] service book.
3. Click the trackwheel and select Delete.

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