Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Exchange 2007 & KEY Topologies

What are the tree key topologies Exchange 2007 uses. These are Single forest, Cross Forest and Resorce Forest. The topology is how SMTP network is laid out, the physical picture of SMTP domain.

Exchange 2007 has indivitual roles. Microsoft decide to break into these roles to get more out of Exchange server. At the first look ,these roles may seem a little confusing, altoguh they were existed in a normal exchange operations and I will explain these roles and their functunalities in several articles.

Sigle forest

One Excahnge server for Entire Forest, easisest simple way

Cross forest

Multiple forest, Edge to Edge transport ( Edge Transport server role manages the communication in this topology)

If one company bough another company, this would be the topology

Resorce Forest

All exchange servers got deployed in resorce forest, they are seperated from your AD and kept separate.

Seperation of administration

Excahnge 2003 has routing groups, and administrative gorups. Exchange will use routing gorups to route the mail to proper excahnge server. No more routing groups, they are gone, excpet the one gets created on default installation. Site Awarness has replaced routing groups.Exchange 2007 will use active directory SITE structore to ROUTE the mail from now on, this is HUB Transfer server. IP site links and the cost will be used by excahnge to ROUTE the mail properly.

HUB Transport is going to use the best route to deleiver the message ( I f there is no MAILBOX server ) no NEED for HUB Transport servver.Active directory is partition database, NTDS.DIT. We all know these partitions. Exchange will utulize the NTDS.DIT dataBase,


User Configuration , data associated with user object, such as mailbox,

RDO(Resident directory Object)


Exchange server related settings , configuration,will be here , Address list, all transport settings, Global settings,Recepeint policies,transport policies,all exchange related policies


All schema attributes are stored in this partition.


DNS Information is keept here (NTDS.DIT windows 2003)

In which active directory partition Exchange related information is being kept

  • Domain
  • Schema
  • Configuration

Which Topology allowed separate administration for Exchanged server from active directory?

  • Resource Forest Topology

In cross-forest infrastructure which Exchange server roles manages the communications between organizations

  • Edge to Edge transport server handles this.

Oz Ozugurlu


Simon said...

Can you shed some light on what Edge to Edge Transport on Exchange 2007 means please?

Scott said...

Your post said Simon said....LOL
Edge server are new for Exchange 2007. I believe they replace the bridgehead servers or routing server of the old Exchange 2003.
Sort of connecting communication between remote sites. Requires additional hardware however.