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Mailbox move failed at 95% with Exception Unable to modify Table (Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010)


If  you are in the middle of migration and you have started to run into issues moving mailboxes, you might have seen MB move fails when it gets to 95 percent with above error. First thing to look at is the move logs to determine the root cause of the problem. From my experience the issues related to a corrupted item within the user mailbox. ( see details of the MB move report)

The top ones to look

  • Corrupted or empty outlook rules
  • Corrupted Calendar Items
  • Corrupted item in the deleted item folders

Easy way to deal with all these issues before you start messing with MFCMAPI is

  • Backup User mailbox to PST File
  • Assign yourself Full mailbox permissions
  • Delete everything ( send items , deleted items, all rules, all contacts etc.
  • Perform MB move
  • Import PST
  • Remove full MB permissions

Working with MFCMAPI

You need to assign Full mailbox permissions to yourself for mailbox the problem mailbox


Setup an Outlook profile with the mailbox that has the problem, logon with your credentials.

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  1. Open MFCMAPI,
  2. click Session
  3. Logon
  4. Pick the outlook profile you like to load into MFCMAPI

In our case this the problem user is "Aki.Armstrong" we will log into her mailbox

  1. Right click on Problem  mailbox
  2. Choose Open store
  3. Expand the tree, and find the problem folder listed in the MB Move log file
  4. Locate the folder listed in the logs.

Example: Folder: '/Top of Information Store/Inbox/USers's Emails/Inbox', entryId [len=46, data=000000001026823AF4CCDA45936168C4A4275CE001008 )

  1. Right click on the folder and choose Other tables... and then Rules table...
    Delete the corrupted Item ( rule etc.)
  2. Right click on the folder and choose Other tables... and then Rules table...
  3. Delete the corrupted rule.
  4. Go back to the Exchange Management Console and resume the move-request.


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