Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Exchange Server Back Pressure

Back pressure is a resource monitoring feature with Exchange servers which build into Transport service. ( Mailbox Servers ) The idea is to have Exchange Server detect the issues and take necessary action so the messaging servers wont be completely un available.

There are 4 event ID associated with correlating events and actions messaging server would perform.

Figuring out such event can be very usefully when back pressure becomes the issue.

# Explain event descriptions
Write-Host "--------------------------                              ------------------------------"
Write-Host "Event ID 15004 = Resource pressure increased" -Fore Cyan
Write-Host "Event ID 15005 = Resource pressure decreased" -Fore Cyan
Write-Host "Event ID 15006 = Low available disk space" -Fore Yellow
Write-Host "Event ID 15007 = Low available memory" -Fore Yellow
Write-Host "---------------------------                                  ------------------------"


To automate the process we have developed PS script. You can download from TechNet scripting library.


Special thanks to Benjamin Bohn for taking his time and turning my simple script into great resource script.

Stay tuned until next time.

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Chilly Oleg said...

Cool script, thanks.
Check line 86, though.

David Taig said...

works OK after deleting the line break on row 86

Akash Sherawat said...

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