Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Exchange 2013 and Server Roles

One of the biggest surprise in Exchange 2013 is the reduction on the server roles. I remember days when Exchange server had to do all in once ( Exchange 5.5) later version of Exchange Servers 2007 and 2010 had server roles separations , the major roles ( HTS, CAS and MBX) Hub transport, Client Access, and Mailbox , also ( UM and EDGE) Unified messaging and Edge Server roles and when the most latest and greatest version Exchange is almost on the way ( it is listed in MSDN for download today) out Exchange 2013 let's take a look at the server roles…


  • CAS ROLE ( Client Access Server)
  • MBX ROLE ( Mailbox Server )

That is it, there will be no more roles, much simpler and efficient in a way and the future best practices as far as deploying roles may change , and all in one deployments might be recommended officially ( we will see (-: how that goes )

What happen to HTS , UM and EDGE roles ? The HTS ( Hub transport role) has been distributed in between CAS Server and MBX Server roles see below

UM role story is the same, so does EDGE, UM and EDGE roles are not there anymore (-:


I will get into more details in remains these two roles and their functions…..

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