Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CAS Array HLB or NLB

If you are planning or implementing  CAS Array and wondering what are the options for load balance your CAS servers here is quick reference to remember.


  • HLB ( hardware load balance ) solution, This is what is being recommended.
  • SLB ( Software load balance) solution, This is also recommended.
  • Windows NLB ( network load balancing) This is no longer recommended

If you have not see Rose Smith video presentation do not miss it , How Outlook connects to Exchange 2010 Client Access Server

The main reason why HLB & SLB  are recommended , these solutions provides “ Application awareness” and also managing CAS servers behind these type of deployment is very easy and efficient.

MAPI Request comes to HLB , HLB has CAS servers published within , Administrator easily can stop MAPI request going specific CAS server etc. These deployments are also far more stable and easy to configure IMO. I think we will see more official statement soon and expecting to see ending support recommendations to HLB with CAS in the near future.

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