Friday, January 15, 2010

windows 7 and XM mode

If you excited about windows 7 yet you cannot move into it perhaps you have one legacy application wont work with windows 7 and holding you up to move on , such as Cisco VPN client and etc.

If this is the case keep reading XP mode will be the rescue….. What is XP mode anyways? IT is virtual PC , XP professional is running on top of. The idea behind it , is clear MS wants you to move on to Windows 7 and run your legacy application on top of Virtual PC and all it is simple to configure and no additional cost (-:, you will love it for sure.

download click on it to see if your PC is compatible if you see NO don't panic yet (-:


You will need to go to your BIOS by pressing F2 or any other proper key while your PC/laptop is rebooting. In the BIOS locate to see virtualization is enabled under CPU advance settings ( this must be enabled)

  • After making changes
  • reboot the PC/Laptop
  • Shutdown ( soft shutdown)

Not you are ready to roll.


  • download XP mode ( ready to go virtual PC)
  • Install both files

After installing both files you will notice the virtual XP is already been created , login with password you created. I recommend creating your own account, renaming the XP VPC etc, adding into domain if you have too, etc.

I recommend shutting it down and adjusting the memory from 512 to 1024 least to make XP going faster.

And finally I think the best way touse it not to overload with un-necassary stuff just runs the apps wont run within Win07, rest you should be able to do it on Win07.

If you start playing with it you will start liking it and MS has given great option to us to move into Win07.

enjoy your VPC-XP (-:

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