Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exchange Online $5 , what is next ?

I talked about several times in regards to improvements in Exchange 2010 and tried to explain why this version is not similar to any other previous versions. The most significant difference is shining on ***Cost*** as I brought up. Here is the article talking about the cost of Exchange mailbox for $5 dollars per users ( BPOS) . The future of Exchange seems to be living in hosted services “ in the cloud “ as it was , intended. We have seen benefits moving into cloud computing and some of us to be honest not liked the idea of running e-mail within the cloud for many valid reasons, per scenario which I wont get into details here. The big and most important point to see or understand to me is that, the cloud computing is here and getting more and more powerfully and eventually, most critical applications will be running from cloud and getting ready for the cloud experience seems real. I am not big supporter of cloud computing but , I foreseen quickly changes in IT will always exist and keeping up with these changes always fun and new learning material is beneficial to most of people I work and worked with so far (-:

The drop from $10 per user per month to $5 for Exchange Online is significant because it brings Microsoft much closer to the price Google charges for its Google Apps Premier Edition (GAPE) suite that is anchored by Gmail. In addition, Microsoft said allowable mailbox sizes would go from 5GB to 25GB, a move that ups Microsoft’s stake in the so-called “bottomless” inbox war with other online providers.

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