Friday, September 5, 2008

Creating BULK Users in Exchange 2007 for Testing

This cannot get any easier than what it is by using EMS (management shell). I remember this being huge deal and people writing VB scripts over long lines to get this done. Here is one line CMDLET will allow the creation test user on the fly, so follow the easy steps below, you really don't need to know any coding expect the skill changing one section ( your exchange database location) and pressing enter from EMS.

  • Log into your test exchange server
  • Open EMS
  • Copy and paste following command into shell window, don't forget to change the database name to your own, and don't forget the last closing bracket there.

After Database I have included my Storage group name and the database name so mine is, SG1-MB1 replaces this with yours.

If you don't know what it is type the following into shell window?


1..100 | ForEach { Net User "User$_" MyPassword=01 /ADD /Domain; Enable-Mailbox "User$_" -Database SG1-MB1 }

1..100 ForEach { Net User "User$_" MyPassword=01 /ADD /Domain; Enable-Mailbox "User$_" -Database SG1-MB1 }

Go back to ESM and under recipient configuration click on mailboxes you will see all new users

You want more tips, click the link below, and dont forget to pray for MSExchange team (-: , they realy have done great job to make things easy for us.

MS Link

--Oz Ozugurlu

MVP (Exchange) MCITP (EMA),

MCITP (SA) MCSE 2003, M+, S+,

MCDST, Security+, Project +, Server +



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