Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WHY 32 BIT Version of Exchange 2007 cannot be used for Production?

The 32 bit is design for testing and LAB environment and it is not supported for production environment. What happens if the 32-bit version expired do you have to give up from your LAB and re-build all over again? This is the question I was asked and providing some information below to make it clear for all of us.

  • If the 32-bit version of Exchange Server 2007 doesn't have an EMC to enter a product code
  • 32-bit version only has a 30-days and 90 days
  • It will not expire even the exchange, You can even upgrade an expired Trial Edition of Exchange 2007 RTM to SP1.
  • In the 32-bit version, there is no Exchange Management Console interface for this because you cannot purchase 32-bit licenses.
  • Anti-spam updates won't work with 32 bits

Evaluations and Product Keys

  • When you install Exchange 2007, it is unlicensed and referred to as a Trial Edition. Unlicensed (Trial Edition) servers appear as the Standard Edition, and they are not eligible for support from Microsoft Product Support Services. The Trial Edition expires 120 days after the date of installation.
  • When you start the Exchange Management Console, if you have any unlicensed Exchange 2007 servers in your organization, Exchange will display a list of all unlicensed Exchange 2007 servers and the number of days that are remaining until the trial edition expires. If you have expired unlicensed Exchange 2007 servers you will also see a separate warning for each expired server. For lab, demo and test environments, unless you have a valid reason for rebuilding the environment, or unless you just love our new Setup wizard so much that you just can't stop uninstalling and installing server roles, I recommend that you get used to dealing with the expiration nag dialog, and not rebuild your servers every 120 days. Either way, the choice is yours, but again, you won't lose any functionality when running on an expired Trial Edition.

--Oz Ozugurlu

MVP (Exchange) MCITP (EMA),

MCITP (SA) MCSE 2003, M+, S+,

MCDST, Security+, Project +, Server +


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