Monday, January 21, 2008

How DHCP Discovery works


My question is how to communicate the DHCP client to DHCP Server? Because
The client system doesn't have any ip to communicate the DHCP server how to
Broad cast the message to the DHCP Server.
any help me....
Hi there, as you have indicated in TCP IP world a node who does not have an IP address cannot talk to anyone. So how come a client who does not have any IP address yet can even talk to DHCP server an initiate the DHCP lease process, even more complicated how come DHCP server ever could talk back to client who has no IP address yet.
The question is very logical and the answer is simple
The process called DHCP Discovery involved 4 steps as below

  • DHCP discovery
  • DHCP Lease offer
  • DHCP lease request
  • DHCP Lease acknowledgment

Client uses the IP as its address and the server's uses address and the DHCP Discovery possible to begin. (DHCP discover message on UDP port 68 and destination port 67. )

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