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Lets assume you are going to do a migration for users home drives to O365 One Drive for business. Par t of your migration you plan to lift user data to cloud then you need to configure users local network home directorates read only for some time. The idea is to make sure after data migration, users can no longer manipulate their local network home directories. Reason you want to frustrate them to move away using network drives and start using ODFB for day-to-day work load. The script I wrote is just going to do that. While user has read only access to their network drives, they can copy and paste anything they like to their desktop and once this is done they will have full NTFS access.

Use the script as you like and make sure it fits into your needs. You may need to adjust few lines and if you need help drop me a message, will be happy to assist.










# Script      : Set-ADUSER-ACL-READ-ONLY-ACCESS_V1.ps1

# Created     : ISE 3.0

# Author(s)   : (Casey.Dedeal)

# Date        : 03/24/2021 21:25:18

# Org         : CloudSec365

# File Name   : Set-ADUSER-ACL-READ-ONLY-ACCESS_V1.ps1

# Comments    : None

# Assumptions : None





.DESCRIPTION  : Following script,

.License      : Open license

.Limitations  : None

.Known issues : None

.Credits      : (Casey.Dedeal)

.Blog         :

.Blog         :

.Blog         :

.Twitter      :











 #(1)_.Adding log Vars

 #(2)_.Adding Functions

 #(3)_.Create Report Folder

 #(4)-.Get User Name

 #(5)_.Check AD user

 #(6)_.Run ACL Change








#(1)_.Adding log Vars




    $repname    = 'DEFAULT-ACL-REPORT'}

    $ACLRep    = $RepServer+'-ACL-REPORT'

    $RepServer = $env:COMPUTERNAME

    $logname   = $Repname+'-Log.TXT'

    $csvname1  = $Repname+'-Log.CSV'

    $csvname2  = $Repname+'-PROG.CSV'

    $csvname3  = $ACLRep+'-NTFS-Log.CSV'

    $traname   = $Repname+'-Transcript.LOG'

    $pname     = $rname+'-PROCESS-LogFile.CSV'

    $now       = (get-Date -format 'dd-MMM-yyyy-HH-mm-ss-tt-')

    $user      = $env:USERNAME

    $desFol    = ("C:\temp\Reports_\$repname\")

    $logfile   = $desFol+$now+$logname

    $csvfile1  = $desFol+$now+$csvname1

    $csvfile2  = $desFol+$now+$csvname2

    $csvfile3  = $desFol+$now+$csvname3

    $scrfile   = $desFol+$now+$traname


#(2)_.Adding Functions

  function Function-create-ReportFolder{








     Mandatory = $true,

     ValueFromPipeline = $true)]




if (!(Test-Path -Path $ReportPath))




  New-Item -Type Directory -Path $ReportPath -ErrorAction Stop | Out-Null







    $errormessage = $($PSItem.ToString())

    Write-Warning 'Error has occoured'

    Write-host 'Problem FOUND:' $errormessage -ForegroundColor Red -BackgroundColor Black





  function Write-Log2 {




























         [string]$Severity = 'Information'








         Time     = (Get-Date -f g)


         Progress = $Progress


         Count  = $Count


         User = $User


         Message  = $Message


         Severity = $Severity


         FailedUSER = $FailedUSER




     } | Export-Csv -Path $csvfile3 -Append -NoTypeInformation





param (







try {


#(2)_.Add Access control vars

$Rights   = 'Read,ReadAndExecute,ListDirectory'          

$InhSets  = 'Containerinherit,ObjectInherit'

$ProtSets = 'None'

$RuleType = 'Allow'


#(13.1)_.Start constructing/combining access control vars


$domain   = "$env:USERDNSDOMAIN\"

$AddUser  = $domain+$userName

$path     = $user.homeDirectory



#(13.2)_.Start constructing system messages


$message1 = "(-)_.SCANNING:($userName)"

$message2 = "(a)_.Applying ACL-NTFS FULL Rights"

$message3 = "(b)_.Permissions modified:($Rights)"

$message4 = "(c)_.File Share:($UserDIRECTORY)"

$message5 = "(e)_.VERIFYING ACL changes"

$message6 = "(f)_.ACL has been updated succesfully"

$message7 = "(f)_.ACL updates has failed"

$gmessage = '(d)_.Completed'




#(13.3)_.Start getting ADUser data here

$userInfo = Get-ADUser -Identity $UserName -Properties * -ErrorAction Stop | `

            Select  SamAccountName,mail,HomeDirectory,HomeDrive




#(13.4)_.Construct User HomeDirectory into new var

    $UserDIRECTORY = ($userInfo).HomeDirectory

    $mess1 = "$userName Home Directory is NOT Configured"

    if ( $UserDIRECTORY -like $null ){

     write-host $mess1

     Write-Log2 -Message $mess1 -Severity Warning




#(13.5)_.Capture existing NTFS rights


$acl  = Get-Acl $UserDIRECTORY -ErrorAction Stop

$perm = $AddUser,$Rights,$InhSets,$ProtSets,$RuleType

$rule = New-Object -TypeName System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule -ArgumentList $perm




#(13.6)_.Construct system messages

write-host '----------------------------------------------------------------' -ForegroundColor white

write-host 'Start Time:' -NoNewline;Function-Get-TimeStamp

write-Host "($i)_.Processing:$UserName"  -ForegroundColor DarkYellow

Write-Host 'ACL Permissions Summary:User home directory will be SET READ ONLY ACCESS' -ForegroundColor White

Write-host "`t(1)_.User Name      :$addUser"

Write-host "`t(2)_.Permissions    :$Rights"

Write-host "`t(3)_.HomeDirectory  :$UserDIRECTORY"



#(13.8)_.Perform ACL change and write to logs

Write-Host  $message1  -ForegroundColor Cyan

Write-Host "`t$message2" -ForegroundColor White

Write-Host "`t$message3" -ForegroundColor White

Write-Host "`t$message4" -ForegroundColor White


Write-Log2 -Message $message1 -Severity Information

Write-Log2 -Message $message2 -Severity Information

Write-Log2 -Message $message3 -Severity Information

Write-Log2 -Message $message4 -Severity Information



#(13.9)_.Setting ACL now

$acl | Set-Acl -Path $UserDIRECTORY -verbose -ErrorAction Stop

Write-Host  "`t$gmessage"  -ForegroundColor White

Write-Log2 -Message $gmessage -Severity Information

Write-Log2 -Message $UserName -Severity Completed



#(13.10)_.Start collecting changed ACL, perform verification


Write-Host  "`t$message5"  -ForegroundColor White

Write-Log2 -Message $message5 -Severity Information


$acl   = Get-Acl $UserDIRECTORY -ErrorAction Stop

$rules = $acl.Access |  ? IsInherited -eq $false          

$check = ($rules.IdentityReference).Value



#(13.11)_.VERIFY the ACL changes now; errors will be captured PSitem object if they accour , write results to log


if($check -contains $AddUser){


  #(13.12)_.Provide Verify work status/Success

  write-host "`t$message6" -ForegroundColor White

  Write-host 'END Time:' -NoNewlineFunction-Get-TimeStamp

  Write-Log2 -Message $message6 -Severity Information





#(13.13)_.Failed to complete ACl update,write results/log

Write-host "`t$message7" -ForegroundColor DarkYellow

Write-host 'END Time:' -NoNewlineFunction-Get-TimeStamp

Write-Log2 -Message $message7 -Severity Error





catch { 


  $Error1 = $($PSItem.ToString())

  $Error2 = $($PSItem.Exception.Message)

  Write-Warning 'ERROR has occoured'

  Write-host 'PROBLEM FOUND'  $Error1 -ForegroundColor red -BackgroundColor Black

  Write-Log2 -Message $Error1 -Severity Error

  Write-Log2 -Message $Error2 -Severity Error




  function Function-Check-AD-User {








   $User = $(try {Get-ADUser $UserNamecatch {$null})

If ($User -ne $Null){


 write-host "Located USER:$UserName" -ForegroundColor Green


Else {


Write-host "NOT FOUND USER:$UserName" -ForegroundColor Cyan

Write-host 'Script will STOP'







#(3)_.Create Report Folder

function-create-ReportFolder -ReportPath $desFol


#(4)-.Get User Name

$userName = Read-host 'Provide User Name'


#(5)_.Check AD user

Function-Check-AD-User -UserName $userName


#(6)_.Run ACL Change




Azure Solutions Architect
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Azure Certified Security Engineer Associate


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