Monday, February 10, 2014

Exchange 2010 , X.400 addresses missing, do I really need them?

if you are seeing X400 addresses on the mailbox properties you probably went through migration from legacy version of Exchange Server.

X.400 addresses required with Exchange 2003 and down, it is present with in the Default Recipient Policy.Exchange 2007 and 2010  environments with no 2000/2003 servers do not  require the X.400 address to function.

If you decide to clean all up here is simple PS can do the work.

foreach ($mbx in (get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited  )){

$addrs = $mbx.emailaddresses |? {$_.prefixstring -ne "x400"}

set-mailbox $mbx -emailaddresses $addrs


As good practice test the script in your test environment before using it in production

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