Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Exchange 2010 ContentIndexState Failed

Perhaps you wanted to fail over databases in DAG to another server which holds the healthy DB copy and realized you could not do it due to ContentIndexState  -eq failed.

To return the Content index state to normal healthy state we will need to run several PS scripts. Log into One of the Exchange 2010 server and run the below PS one liner script

If you have several servers you can assign variable to get-mailboxServer CMDlet and pipe that into another PS get property information based on your needs.

$Server = Get-MailBoxServer

$Server | Get-MailBoxDataBaseCopyStatus | Where {$_.ContentIndexState –eq “failed”}

We want to see not failed state but mounted & Health we could this

$Server | Get-MailBoxDataBaseCopyStatus | Where {$_.ContentIndexState -ne "failed"}



Now lets play a little bit what if I like to get the databases which are status “Mounted” I can use same logic

$Server | Get-MailBoxDataBaseCopyStatus | Where {$_.status -eq "Mounted"}


How about healthy ones ?

$Server | Get-MailBoxDataBaseCopyStatus | Where {$_.status -eq "healthy"}


Pretty cool isnt it ? if you like to see what other properties available for you to play you could easily do this

Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus | get-member




Get back to our mission now to fixing index copy status, to figure out which servers do have the issue we could do something like this

$Status = Get-MailBoxDatabaseCopyStatus

$Status | Where {$_.ContentIndexState –eq “failed”} | UpdateDatabaseCopy -CatalogOnly

To verify everything is good ( all Servers)

$server = Get-mailboxserver

$Server | Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus | fl name, contentindexstate

Now you get the ideal ,  and ready to make practice (-:

Oz Casey, Dedeal

Exchange Server North America MVP

MCSE 2003, M+, S+, MCDST
Security+, Project +, Server + (Blog) (Blog)


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