Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Customize Outlook for Company Users, adding different attributes.


If your company has requirement adding different attributes on user at  GAL, such as employee number, IPhone or blackberry filed into user properties in GAL, here is supper easy and safe way to get the work done.

In this scenario the management is looking to see additional field for all users within the GAL

  • Emp. number
  • IPhone
  • Black Berry

As you can see we do not have any of these files in out the box configuration on GAL


Open MMC from Exchange server ( you need correct permissions to achieve the desired goal) see the link for permissions if you are interested in granular permissions.

Log into your Exchange Server

Click Start , in the search type “MMC”

hit enter


Click on “Details Templates Editor


Here is full Video

Now you will see these filed within the outlook



To delete what you have done is pretty simple open MMC Console and click on “restore”



How to Customize the Details Template

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