Friday, November 18, 2011

Setup wizard for update rollup 6 for Exchange server 2010 service pack 1 ended prematurely because of an error….

If you are attempting to install RU on Exchange 2010 server and receiving fallowing error, there is easy way to go around to get the install working without such issues.


Problem: Install attempt RU XX on Exchange 2010 server is failing with above or similar error

Solution: Run the setup file with Administrator privileges

Cause: Most likely UAC turned on ( no need to try to turn it off )



Now here is the big secret , in old days we were able to say copy and paste into CMD window without typing the full path of the install file, you will quickly realize this is not working on Windows 2008 and you are like come on (-:

on the install file hold “SHIFT” key down and left click to get option “ Copy as path”


Open CMD as administrator and “paste” will work now , Wowwww got to love this, whom ever though of making such improvement into Windows 2008,


Now install will work flawless.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this work around.
I have to add though, that holding the shift key and left clicking does not produce the menu to "copy path".
I just opened the command prompt as administrator, then changed to the directory where the install was and typed in the rollup name.
You could also copy the rollup name and paste into the command prompt but it's a good thing to already be in that directory.

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