Wednesday, July 20, 2011

RIM the “PlayBook “


As many of you do know RIM has released tablet version recently and called it “PlayBook” BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Since day one I have been thinking why the name was chosen so wrong.

What kind of business would willing to get these device called “PlayBook” to their employees (-: , well certainty it is not my company , (-: , beside joke I strong believe the name for the product is chosen very wrong and has to be changed ( I love my BB by the way), so I decided to kick of campaign to see what you guys think , and find the best suitable name RIM new device deserve. For example

RPAD ( RIM Portable Application Device) 

what do you guys think ? (-:


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BlackBerry PlayBook review 

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Steve said...

Hey, I have the "playbook" but ironically use the ipad to play, and the playbook to work. Perhaps this was supposed to a joke by RIM?