Friday, April 1, 2011

Exchange 2010 some new cool futures

Exchange team has published an article announcing some cool futures coming soon. In nutshell the futures are……………….


  • OWA Automobile Edition: Exchange team and a major US automaker will soon announce OWA integration into new line of cars to maximize end-user productivity. Car windshields are to be replaced with LCDs (who needs windshields anyway?) Additionally, when it's time for oil change, you will get a reminder popup.
  • Exchange Configuration: Due to long-lasting popularity of public folders, we are making required engineering changes to store Exchange configuration data in public folders, rather than Active Directory. We are now working through seemingly paradox fact that in order to read that configuration, public folder database needs to be mounted; which requires configuration to be read in the first place. From public folders... which are not mounted... because configuration is not accessible, as the folders are not up at the time. Anyway, we are sure we'll figure it out by SP2 RU1

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