Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exchange 2010 is Best Mail Server

If you have not seen the recent post on MS Exchange website please take a moment as check it out. Exchange 2010 is for sure is the best messaging application and made significant changes in messaging business…..



First look: Exchange 2010 beta shines

Microsoft Exchange 2010

continues Redmond's longstanding market leadership in mail servers and related software. This release shows why the company's once-reviled product continues to be deployed widely in enterprises: it works, it scales, and it continues to gain important new features. In our tests, we saw improved management, administration, and reliability features plus an enhanced experience for users that includes automatic transcription of voicemails, delivery reports for messages, and extensive self-service options. Although light on wholesale changes and heavy on refinements, Exchange 2010 is nevertheless a major step up from Exchange 2007.

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