Friday, July 16, 2010

Exchange 2007 SCC cluster some of the disk resources wont come online after failing over the cluster…..

This trouble has struggled us for a while, we are unable to find the permanent fix but here is quick way around it. In cluster Exchange 2007 configuration with NetAPP, after fail over some of the disk resources wont come up. By the way the issue is purely Windows 2008 Cluster related and has nothing to do with NetApp, since NetAPP uses build in Windows clustering.


  • This scenario the active node is Node 2 and runs CMS and we failed over CMS to Node 1 by using fail over clustering. After initiating fail over command we are experiencing problem,as  some of the random disk resources wont come online, even you reboot the Node 2

After Exchange cluster fail over, some of the disk resources wont fail over correctly to failed over node, Exchange 2007.



  • go to Windows disk management on the Node 2  after reboot, under disk management , locate each disk and click “online” if the option is available. After finishing this, jump back on to Node 1, open fail over cluster management under services and applications locate the CMS server name. On the middle pane, you will see your disk resources. Simply make right click to problem ones and choose “Bring this resource online”

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