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Error Code: 500 Internal Server Error. The received certificate has expired. (-2146893016)

The SSL Certificate is expired on the ISA servers for OWA, and web publishing rule on ISA contains a certificate which is expired


Steps to remedy the situation. You will need below information here is my information I used for my CSR

  • CN =
  • O = Telnet25 Corporation
  • OU = CIO
  • L = Washington
  • S = District of Columbia
  • C = US

 in general here is the info

  • Common Name - The name through which the certificate will be accessed (usually the fully-qualified domain name, e.g., or,
  • Organization - The legally registered name of your organization/company.
  • Organizational unit - The name of your department within the organization (frequently this entry will be listed as "IT," "Web Security," or is simply left blank).
  • City/locality - The city in which your organization is located.
  • State/province - The state in which your organization is located.
  • Country/region

CAS Servers with IIS 7

  • Click start go to run type Inetmgr
  • Click Start, then Administrative Tools, then Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

  • Click on the server name.

  • From the center menu, double-click the "Server Certificates” image









  • Next, from the "Actions" menu (on the right), click on "Create Certificate Request." This will open the Request Certificate wizard


  • Fill out the required fields with your company information & Requirements


  • Click Next

In the "Cryptographic Service Provider Properties" window, leave both settings at their defaults (Microsoft RSA SChannel and 2048) and then click next

  • Enter a filename for your CSR file.


Close all windows go to directory you have saved the CSR, you will need this to create the certificate and you will need to fallow further instructions from whomever you getting the certificate from


IF you are not the person who is taking care of this simply e-mail this file to that person

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