Friday, October 17, 2008

Creating Bulk Users in Exchange 2007 part two

Hi everyone, this is oz and in this video session we will learn how to create bulk yours in exchange 2007 with very little afford. So just follow me and you will realize how easy this will be.Creating mailbox users has never been easy, especially if you have exchange 2007 and I am going to demo you this easy task in just seconds.

Okay let's get the ball rolling, Log into your exchange 2007 server first and open internet explorer , Go to my Blog on the top search for

"Creating BULK Users in Exchange 2007 for testing

part 2 "

Now you found the article. Open your notepad and copy and paste the following string into your notepad. Now we need to open EMC (exchange management console), before we copy and paste the string below we need to make sure the Exchange is ready. Let's find out the name of the storage group

I am going to type Get-MailboxDatabase and find out the name of the Storage group, and here it is I have several of them in my case

  • SG1-MB1
  • SG2-MB1
  • SG3-MB1
  • SG4-MB1
  • SG5-MB1

I am going to pick one, let's say SG4-MB1 and create users in that Storage group and I am going to name these users "Security"

1..100 | ForEach { Net User "User$_" MyPassword=01 /ADD /Domain; Enable-Mailbox "User$_" -Database SG1-MB1 }

We will go back and verify the users present on our exchange server. Now you can change the number of users and the name for the users as you wish

Oz ozugurlu

MVP (Exchange)


MCSE (M+,S+) MCDST, Security+, Server +,Project+



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Good work and good job. ive been a fan of you Blog and im liking it even more. keep up the good work.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for this... saved me a bunch of time. Good One!