Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cannot Delete PTR record

I am having big time issues with DNS and pulling my hairs. My mission was to delete stubborn PTR record. When I delete the PTR record and refresh the DNS snap-in the PTR record right comes back up. When it comes to DNS troubleshooting the build in tool we have is NSlookup. (Reverse lookup zone needs to be present for NSlookup tool to work properly). If you need better tool here is NetDig

In my case I was able to delete the record by using DNSCMD. My IP address is and my PTR record is oozugurlupc.archq.ri.smtp25.org

I will go to command line and type following string,

Dnscmd /RecordDelete 10.in-addr.arpa. 99.2.160 PTR

If you notices I have dot after arpa, also my IP Address the first octet which is 10 right after the record delete 10.in-addr.arpa. And the rest (160.2.99) I listed backwards), as 99.2.160, Space PTR.

You will receive Are you sure you want to delete record? (y/n), press Y (yes), than you will receive following statement

Deleted PTR record(s) at 10.in-addr.arpa.

Command completed successfully.

Now the record is gone forever

Oz ozugurlu,
Systems Engineer
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Olivier S. Masse said...

That post made my day. Thanks.