Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The question came today on MSexcahnge.org,, in regards to moving mailboxes and how long it would take to move the X number of mailboxes from Exchange server A to Server B There is not any fix time, anyone can tell you in regards to mailbox move. Your best estimation will be selecting different size of mailboxes and moving them in order to get the picture at the time you are planning to make the mailbox move happen (probably weekend in the night). We did similar test in the past and the time we have recorded for the mailbox move for various size mailboxes, fluctuated in each time, due to other aspects involves into mailbox move (network, available bandwidth, Hardware specs, etc) process.

Here is some good information for you to remember,

  • Four threads are used for each instance of Move Mailbox, even though multiple mailboxes can be scheduled to be moved
  • SIS (Single Instance Storage), try not to break it if you want to move the mailboxes faster.
  • If you move mailboxes from mail store A from Server A to Mail Store B on Server B, you will preserve the SIS
  • Communicate with the users ahead of time and let them know the mailbox move and make sure they understand they won't lose any e-mail during the move and will have no access to their mailbox or the BlackBerry.

(If a message is sent to one recipient, and if the message is copied to 20 other recipients who reside in the same mailbox store, Exchange Server maintains only one copy of the message in its database. Exchange Server then creates pointers)

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Single Instance Storage completely different now with Exchange 2007? Articles like these need to be specific to a version of Exchange.

Oz Ozugurlu said...

yes you are right the importance of SIS is going away in every version of exchange and certanly the Exchange 2007 has less dependancy to the concept of SIS
take a look this article

thanks for reading my Blog

mandred powl said...

There is not any fix time, fluctuated in each time
Depend on the various aspects Like
Size of mailboxes
Number of mailboxes from Exchange server
Depend on other process network, available bandwidth, Hardware specs, etc


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Alfred Palmer said...

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