Thursday, June 14, 2012

Allowing application servers to relay off Exchange Server 2010

Scenario: You have application server which needs to relay off your internal Exchange 2010 server ( printer, application etc.)


Exchange 2010 HUB server
Application Relay Server

Task: Allow Application relay server relay off Exchange 2010 HTS server.

Log onto Exchange 2010 HTS Server open EMC under server configuration create new connector for application relay ( fallow the video)

  • New Receive connector, give it a name
  • Specify the FQDN for this connector , next
  • Modify who can relay off this connector , next, finish , Set Authentication and permissions group.




We have do the fist part now we will test the application relay, so log on to application server, and open command line, we will telnet on port 25 from application server to the HUB server and sent mail from command line if mail is received your application will work. Before we get going make sure port 25 from application server to HTS server is NOT BLOCKED , common issues antivirus software blockage, or firewall etc..


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